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About NLB Group

Profile of NLB and the Group (FY 2018)

The largest banking and financial group in Slovenia
  • NLB d.d. has 94 branches and a 23.0% market share by total assets in Slovenia
  • The largest provider of banking services in Slovenia
Strong player in selected SEE markets
  • Approximately 1.8 million active clients within NLB Group
  • An extensive network of 327 branches
  • Presence in six markets outside Slovenia – of which 4 subsidiaries exceed a 10% market share
  • Positioned in a region with anticipated real GDP growth well above the eurozone average
Strong performance
  • The NLB Group increased net profit for the fifth consecutive year to EUR 203,6 million
  • All strategic NLB Group banking members showed profitable and improving operations in 2018
  • A robust CET1 ratio stands at 16,7% and supports further stable dividend pay-outs
  • NPL ratio as defined by EBA was additionaly reduced to 4,7%
A clear focus on the strategic markets
  • The NLB Group's vision is to become an innovative bank creating simple, customer-oriented solutions with an exclusive strategic focus on Slovenia and countries in SEE
  • The bank has an ambitious plans for further profitable growth 
  • aiming to achieve above 12% ROE, CIR of 50%, while in target state providing a strong dividend flow of approximately 70% of the Group profits