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Bankart d.o.o., Ljubljana

Basic Information

Celovška 150
1000 Ljubljana

Telephone: +386 (0) 1 583 42 02
Fax: +386 (0) 1 583 41 96
E-mail: info@bankart.si
Website: www.bankart.si

Aleksander Kurtevski
Kvaternik Jure
Schamberger Rainer

History and Activity

Activity: Data processing and related activities (ATM and Card operations processing, SEPA payment processing, E-Invoice System processing, ATM and POS management)
Established in: 1998

Associated member of the NLB Group, with NLB holding a 40.08 % stake in the capital.

The company Bankart provides services relating to ATM and Card processing to banks and other financial institutions as well as to non-banking organisations interested in such services. The company provides data required for realising payments using payment and credit cards, authorisations of transactions and maintenance of POS terminals.

By setting up tje SIMP-PS system and  SEPA systems within the scope of the SIMP, Bankart joined other European clearing houses that ensure the processing of SEPA credit transfers and SEPA direct debits according to a single standard. Having unified the standard for payment via SEPA credit transfer orders and the standard for executing SEPA direct debits within the euro area, any clearing house in Europe can process payments between banks and payment service providers in a competitive enivronment.

By setting up the SIMP-PS Internal Credit Transfers service (SIMP_PS IKP) and SEPA External Credit Transfer system (SEPA EKP), Bankart enabled payment services providers in Slovenia and other EU member states to provide their customers with a unified standard to make payments via credit transfer orders according to the SEPA standard, regardless of whether the payee is in Slovenia or in any other euro area country.

By implementing SIMP-PS Internal Direct Debit- Core services (SIMP-PS IDD-C) and SIMP-PS Internal Direct Debit -B2B (SIMP-PS IDD-B) within the scope of the SIMP-PS and systems SEPA External Direct Debit according to the Core SEPA scheme for SEPA direct debits (SEPA EDD CORE) and SEPA External Direct Debit according to the B2B scheme for SEPA direct debits (SEPA EDD B2B), Bankart gave payment service providers in Slovenia the option to provide their customers with a unified standard for the execution and receipt of direct debits, regardless of wheter the payee is in Slovenia or any other euro area country, and availability for cross-border direct debits according to the SEPA standard under the CORE and B2B scheme.  By setting up the SEPA credit paymnets and SEPA direct debit processing systems, the processing of all the payment instruments had already migrated from the Collection center  to the new SEPA systems and on 31 December 2012 the Collection Centre  was closed.

By setting up a uniform E-Invoice System, which allows for the exchange of invoices between senders and recipients of invoices the electronic form. Bankart facilitated the efficient exchange of documents in electronic form and expanded its processing services to the area of electronic invoice exchange.

By introducing the ATM and POS management services, Bankart enabled banks to transfer some of their burden in the area of managing and maintaining the ATM and POS network from the point of view of daily operations and assurance of compliance with the MasterCard and Visa mandates.

Bankart also comprises the following services:

  • a POS service - tasked with preparing, installing, servicing and maintaining POS terminals,
  • a 24-hour Contact Centre for holder and vendors,
  • a 24-horu Contact Centre for detecting and preventing card abuse,
  • resolving financila compliants and drafting reports for external organisations.